Guitar building course

Course content:

The graduates receive the opportunity under professional guidance to make a plucking instrument of their choice (classical guitar, western guitar, Biedermeier guitar, mandolin, baroque guitar). The aim is also to give the students a realistic insight into a high-quality manufacturing process, which is not possible in the normal company internships.
The offer is aimed at students in grades 9-13 with no previous knowledge required.
Hand tools such as a hand plane, rasp, plunge, etc. (request tool list) are brought by the participant himself. All special tools are provided. The materials such as mechanisms, deposited Tonholz for ceiling, floor, neck, sides, tailpiece fingerboard in different wood variations and frets, oils, paints, can be brought by the participants themselves or provided for a fee of 75.00 €.

The works do not use kits. All components are made by the graduate himself. Every hour also includes theoretical instructions in materials and tool science, acoustics, surface treatment, etc.
At the end of the year, each participant should take home a game-finished instrument, which certainly exceeds the quality of a conventional series instrument. Thus, this course is also aimed at those who want to get a low-priced high-quality instrument in this way.

  • Course duration

    Every week, a time window of approx. 3 school hours is planned, which is within the range of lunch time. Due to the short time, students may need to be prepared to spend additional hours (3-4 Fridays or Saturdays).

  • Course fee

    The course fee depends on the number of participants and is between 55 € and 75 € per participant / month

  • Information

    For further questions I am at your disposal: +49 2421-952 77 45 or +49 173-907 58 26 available.