My Biography

I was born in 1964 in a small village on the edge of the Eifel. Grown up in a musical environment, I began to play the guitar at the age of 12 self-taught. As a 14-year-old followed the first lessons on the classical guitar. The hitherto unimagined tonal and polyphonic possibilities of the instrument immediately captivated me.
After 3 years of intensive teaching followed the change to Aachen to Harald Nicoll. This confronted me for the first time with the opportunity to study guitar. After a 6-year intensive preparation time, also in theoretical subjects such as harmony, composition, ear training and morphology, then completed after civil service in 1986, the entrance examination at the Consevatorium Maastricht for classical guitar with minor subject jazz guitar. During this time I completed masterclasses with D. Russel and Costas Cotsiolis. After completing the training then followed a postgraduate studies at the Royal Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since the div. Teaching at various music and general education schools.

During this time, in 1987, I had first contact with Antonio Marien in Granada, where I ordered an instrument. The first workshop visit gave rise to the idea for the first time to deal with the guitar building. However, this was only put into practice in 1994, after my studies in Amsterdamm with the simplest means I built my first guitar in 1995 with the help of a book by I. Sloane. The result actually looked like a guitar. Other similarities with a high-quality concert instrument were not available.

Only through the contact to the Italian luthier Camillo Perella, I received several times in the context of an instrument order, the possibility to stay for several days in his workshop. Here, for the first time, I got an insight into a professional manufacturing process. Camillo readily provided information, explained, sketched, and showed as much as he could. His later visits to Germany, in my meanwhile existing small workshop, proved to be extremely instructive and effective.